Make life simple with recurring payments

Are you tired of chasing your customers for regular subscription fees?

Or maybe you’d like to offer them the option to spread the cost of a high-value purchase?

With Handepay’s recurring payments solution, it’s easy!

Compete with larger brands by offering a state-of-the-art payment process through our payment gateway. Allow your customers the ability to sign up for a regular recurring payment with ease.

Automate your subscription payment process with Handepay. No more chasing late payments, and an improved cash flow.

What’s not to love?



What is a recurring payment?


A recurring payment makes life easier for both you and your customers.


You can automatically charge a cardholder for specified goods or services on a pre-arranged schedule.


They don’t need to remember to make a payment and there’s no need for you to manually process transactions. Once recurring billing is set up the money leaves their account automatically.


Simple for them - peace of mind for you!


It drastically reduces your admin time by moving all scheduled or repeat payments on to an automated recurring billing schedule.


Your customers can spread the cost of goods or services over a prearranged period with scheduled and repeat instalments.


Make your payment process simpler with recurring billing.





Why choose Handepay for recurring payments?


We can help you to increase the value of your customers with recurring payments. We know that it can be a struggle to get customers to buy from you more than once.


With subscription packages processed through recurring payments, that is taken care of automatically.


Our recurring payment solution is cost-effective, and is available as part of our standard payment gateway package.


That’s not all. Join us and benefit from:

  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    In contrast to other card machine providers, we don't charge many of the fees you may find on your statement

  • Hassle-free switching

    Hassle-free switching

    In most cases, we cover your fees when you switch to us. Our team is on hand to help you switch and save

  • 28,000 customers

    28,000 customers

    We have a loyal and happy customer base - which is reflected by our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating

  • Service & support

    Service & support

    We’re available around the clock to respond to your needs - with 24/7 service and support







What our customers say




  Parkitt Racing

Parkitt Racing

“We were thrilled to save over £1,000 per year on our online payment gateway services! Switching to use Handepay's payment gateway was simple, We were able to complete the integration process ourselves in a matter of minutes!"





Recurring Payments FAQs


Getting set up with recurring billing is simple. You just need to advise us and once you are approved we’ll get your account registered with  the major card schemes. When you’re set up, we’ll give you access to a new tab on your payments gateway which will allow you to set up recurring payments and the account updater service with our in-built scheduler.

You need a Handepay virtual terminal or payment gateway to access our recurring billing solution. Simply open your online payment gateway to set up a recurring payment.

With Handepay, there’s no additional cost to your standard gateway fee. To be able to register with the card schemes, there is a one-time setup fee of £50! After that, there’s no extra charge – you just pay your gateway costs and standard transaction fees on each recurring payment.

Of course. Accepting recurring payments through our dashboard is secure, as it’s processed through our payment gateway





What is a recurring payment?


Recurring payments allow you to automate your payment process.


Plus, you can minimise the pains that come from big fluctuations in order volumes. Easily plan for your fulfilment when you know how many orders you’ll receive each month.


Improve supplier relations by ordering in bulk while keeping your costs down, a simple way to maximise your profit!