Making PCI compliance


We know how busy you are. Filling out lengthy forms about PCI compliance is time consuming, taking you away from what you do best.

Unlike other merchant service providers, the majority of our customers never need to worry about PCI compliance.

What’s more, we don’t charge you a penny for PCI compliance or non-compliance.

Join Handepay, and let us do the hard work of making sure your business is PCI compliant.




What is PCI DSS?


It’s important to make sure that you protect your customers data. Not operating securely puts people’s payment information at risk.

PCI DSS, which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, are guidelines that ensure consumer data is protected when making payments.

Card payments have been regulated since the 1990’s, but increasing popularity in online shopping introduced new ways to commit card fraud.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB, the five major card brands, implemented security regulations for all businesses in 2004 with the launch of PCI DSS 1.0.
These PCI compliance guidelines ensure that every card transaction is accepted, processed, stored and transmitted securely.

Since then, the standards have evolved to keep up with advances in payment technology, with adjustments made for developments such as contactless payments.

There are 12 PCI compliance security standards that businesses must follow. These include building a secure network, maintaining an information security policy and regularly testing networks to ensure PCI compliance.





How to maintain PCI compliance


We make it simple for every business to maintain PCI compliance, without adding a penny to your bill.

Our team are able to carry out most of our customers PCI compliance checks. For you, there’s no additional paperwork to carry out, no time spent filling in lengthy forms.

You can focus on maximising your time to grow your business.

In some cases, we do need some input from business owners to ensure that their company stays PCI DSS compliant. In these rare cases, we’ll be in touch to let you know what steps you need to take.

The process is simple, and requires minimal effort from you. Even better, it’s completely free!

Many merchant service providers add a fee for this service, adding charges each month to help you maintain PCI compliance. If you don’t remain compliant, they also add large PCI non-compliance fees, sometimes up to £30 per month!

We help every business, no matter what size, to securely process transactions, remaining PCI compliant at no extra charge.





Our range of PCI compliant card machines


You can rest assured that you’re using secure technology when accepting card payments with a new card machine from Handepay.

Each of our new Spire card machines comes fully equipped with the latest security standard of PCI PTS 4.0 as standard.

Plus, our team of expert advisors are on hand to make sure your business remains PCI compliant.





Why choose Handepay for
simple PCI compliance?


Accepting card payments is vital in today’s consumer climate. The majority of shoppers expect to be able to pay by card at your business, without any risk of fraud.

Staying PCI compliant and ensuring that your customers are paying securely is easy with Handepay. It’s not just PCI compliance we make simple:


  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    In contrast to other card machine providers, we don't charge many of the fees you may find on your statement

  • Hassle-free switching

    Hassle-free switching

    Switching provider needn’t be a chore - as we’ll cover your fees in most cases. Our helpful team works to ensure you switch and save.

  • 28,000 customers

    28,000 customers

    It’s fair to say we have lots of experience when it comes to great customer service - which is why we’re rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

  • Service & support

    Service & support

    With 24/7 service and support - you can call upon us at any time should you need to.




What our customers say





The Archer

“Handepay gave me £3,432 to cover my card terminal switching fees! Handepay made switching to use their card terminal simple by offering to cover the exit fees for me!"





PCI compliance FAQs


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. They are a set of guidelines to ensure that card payments are carried out securely. Every business that accepts card payments must adhere to these guidelines.

The quickest way to find out if you’re being charged for PCI compliance is to contact your current provider. However, different providers may have different terminology for PCI. Take a look at your monthly invoice to see if it includes any of the following fees: Merchant Security, GF Fee, Non Com, Compliance / Non Compliance or PCI Management.

Many merchant services providers make businesses pay to remain PCI compliant. These fees are often added by providers to cover the cost of managing a business’ PCI compliance, costing between £2.00 - £6.00 per month. With Handepay, you won’t pay a penny for PCI compliance.

If your provider no longer considers your business PCI compliant, you could start to notice large fees of up to £30.00 added to your monthly invoice. You can be considered non-compliant if your payment solution no longer meets one of the standard guidelines. Maintaining PCI compliance is vital, so it’s important to make sure to become compliant as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, yes. Many providers who charge a monthly PCI DSS fee will also add an extra charge if you become non-compliant. If they have carried out all of the work needed on their end, but you’ve missed something, you will still be charged your standard management fee PLUS an additional charge for non-compliance!

We understand how difficult running a business can be, and have dedicated ourselves to making accepting card payments as cost-effective as possible. We include PCI management as part of our standard package, to help your business maintain a high level of security while keeping costs down.




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