New to card payments?


Say goodbye to long-term contracts with our 12-month contract.

Accepting cards is becoming more important than ever, thanks to the huge growth of card payments, contactless and online shopping over recent years.

Navigating different providers and their offers can be a challenge if you’re new to card payments. There are lots of hidden fees to look out for, and a large amount of industry jargon.

We make it easy.

We don’t add any of the common hidden fees you’d find elsewhere to your monthly bill. With transparent pricing, no long-term commitments or hidden fees, Handepay make taking card payments for the first time a breeze.




What are the benefits of taking card payments?


If you’re new to card payments, there’s never been a better time to get a card machine.

The benefits of taking card payments are growing year-on-year, as the number of consumers choosing card over cash increases.

In April 2019, UK consumers made 1.5 billion transactions, over 10% more than the number made in just twelve months earlier. This reflected a total spend of £50.2 billion, according to UK Finance.

Accepting card payments allows your customers to pay how they want to. Giving them options other than cash enables them to increase the value of their shopping basket, maximising your ability to make a sale.

Businesses who accept card payments report increased numbers of impulse purchases, fewer abandoned transactions due to lack of funds and a better customer experience.

Can your business afford to miss out?






How to start taking card payments


When you’re new to card payments, it can seem like you’re faced with limitless options.

Every provider has a range of products and pricing packages. However, many of these contracts have hidden fees and charges, that aren’t made clear when you first join them.

If you’re not careful when signing up to start taking card payments, you could be in for a surprise when you receive your first invoice.

We’re on your side.

Whether you need to take payments face to face or online, we have a simple and transparent solution for you.

Once you join Handepay, your dedicated advisor will find the right option for you. We can get your business set up to accept card payments in a matter of days.

It’s as simple as that!





Our range of simple to use card machines


Using a Handepay card machine is simple. They’re all easy to install, and our new Spire card machines come equipped with the highest security standards and can integrate seamlessly with your current payment process.

We know that every business has varied payment requirements, so we provide three different types of card machine.

If you need to accept card payments online, we also offer a cost-effective solution for your e-commerce website.

No matter how your business operates, if you’re new to card payments we’ve got the perfect solution for you:





Why choose Handepay if you’re
new to card payments?


Choosing a merchant service provider can be difficult.

There are lots of different providers, who each claim to offer the lowest prices, high-tech terminals and best customer service. However, when you compare their packages side by side, there are often many hidden fees and charges that you weren’t made aware of.

We’re different.

We provide a transparent solution for businesses who are new to card payments. There are no hidden fees, no added extras; what you see is what you get.

When you join Handepay you’ll benefit from:


  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    In contrast to other card machine providers, we don't charge many of the fees you may find on your statement

  • Hassle-free switching

    Hassle-free switching

    Switching provider needn’t be a chore - as we’ll cover your fees in most cases. Our helpful team works to ensure you switch and save.

  • 28,000 customers

    28,000 customers

    It’s fair to say we have lots of experience when it comes to great customer service - which is why we’re rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

  • Service & support

    Service & support

    With 24/7 service and support - you can call upon us at any time should you need to.




What our customers say





The Archer

“Handepay gave me £3,432 to cover my card terminal switching fees! Handepay made switching to use their card terminal simple by offering to cover the exit fees for me!"




New to card payments FAQs


The number of card payments made is growing each year. Consumers prefer the convenience of paying by card, increasingly choosing to leave their cash in the bank. Businesses who don’t accept card payments risk missing out on extra sales and minimising their profits.

The benefits of card payments are growing each year. Not only do shoppers now prefer to pay with their card, accepting card payments also provides a better customer experience. No long queues, no counting out change; it makes accepting payments a breeze!

How much you’ll pay depends on which provider you choose. If you’re new to card to payments, some providers ask you to pay a joining fee. Plus, each month you may have to pay a wide range of complicated fees such PCI DSS charges, authorisation fees and a minimum monthly service charge. If you join Handepay, you’ll only pay your monthly terminal rental and transaction fees. Simple!

With Handepay, it takes on average three working days to be set up to take card payments. In many cases this could be quicker!

It all depends on the type of business you run. If you only want to accept card payments from one fixed location, a countertop terminal is best for you. If you would like to be able to take your terminal to the customer to pay, a portable terminal would work brilliantly. If you’re constantly out and about, and want to take payments on the go, a mobile terminal will give you the freedom to accept payments wherever you are.  




Experience the benefits of
card payments for yourself


Taking card payments can help your business to reach new levels of success.

They can increase the value of your orders, help you to welcome a wider variety of customer and simply grow your number of sales.

The benefits of taking card payments are too great to ignore. Get in touch with us today to discover how to expand your payment options.

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